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Battery Backup System

At Priority Response Plumbing, we specialize in and frequently perform battery backup sump pump installations, so you can rest assured that your sump pump will be installed by anbattery backup experienced member of our staff. After a survey of your home’s environment and construction, we will recommend the best product to secure your home and belongings against water damage.

A sump pump, provides protection against a leaky basement by drawing water from the foundation and pumping it away from the house. Drainage tile is installed in a gravel bed around the foundation, draining into a sump pit. The sump pump rests in this pit and is activated when there’s water to be pumped out. Some properties are so prone to flooding that it is important to have a battery backup for the pump.

Why use a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

There are many things that can go wrong down in the sump pit to cause basement flooding. It can be a power outage, a failed sump pump, a stuck float switch or a sump pump that cannot keep up with the inflow of water. By using a battery backup sump pump your basement will remain dry during any of these occurrences.

How ePump Battery Backup Technology Works

Even the best battery backup sump pump system on earth is worth nothing if failures are not recognized and communicated. Therefore, three sump pump system elements are absolutely required to make sure your basement never floods… now, or 10 years from now:

  • Performance
  • Technology
  • Notification

Our battery backup ePump systems are the ONLY systems with this combination; your chances of ever flooding have been virtually eliminated. We can’t claim that equipment will never fail (though very rare), but if it does, the failure is detected, and the alert is communicated to you before it becomes an emergency  And we aren’t just talking about a fe easy-to-recognize errors. The ePump systems perform complete diagnostics of over 30 conditions twice a day!

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Most battery backup sump pump problems are gradual and intermittent in nature. Eventually this may lead to total pump failure and possible flood damage. Some common causes of basement flooding are: a “tripped” circuit breaker, gradual clogging of an intake screen, or when a broken check valve flapper partially blocks a discharge pipe.


Who Is at Risk?

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the U.S., and nearly everybody has some risk of flooding. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimates that 10 million U.S. households are located in high flood risk areas.

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Steps You Can Take to Decrease Your Risk of Flood Damage.

  • Do not store valuables in the basement or elevate them to a safe distance from the floor.
  • Consider flood insurance; standard policies do not cover flood damage.
  • Purchase a battery backup pump

For 24/7 emergency battery backup plumbing service, give us a call!  You can rest assured that we will be there when you need us 24/7 and will do the job right.

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